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Angels from Hell OST

US: Tower (ST 5128). Canada: Capital (St 6295)
Re-issue CD & LP on Reel Time (RTLP1001)


12 tracks, including 3 from Peanut Butter Conspiracy, 2 from The Lollipop Shoppe, and a fully realised studio version, with band accompaniment, of Ted Markland’s folk stomp. In the film his character, Smiley, sings his “protest” song in a rough and ready way, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, in the gang’s clubhouse. . . the gaps between these three artistes are filled in by Stu Phillips.

It's a fairly diverse set, the vocal numbers separated by Phillip's jazz tinted themes, the title track features flute and vibes, and the superbly named 4 O’Clock Tea (Laudanum) continues the theme but adds sitar and Indian percussive inflections

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Lollipop Shoppe’s two songs are social critiques. The band appears playing at the hippy gathering (see lobby card). Their album Just Colour sounds as if Love fell asleep in 1966 and woke up a decade later and went in the studio for Terry Ork, who then released it along with discs from Television, Richard Hell and Alex Chilton . . . which is to say I like it . . .



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