Rob Chapman, Psychedelia and Other Colours (2015)

Despite its pretty pastel title, ‘Pink, Purple, Yellow and Red’ [by the Sorrows] is an incendiary slab of pill-fuelled hate pop; not so much a eulogy to a born-again flower child, more the irrationale of a man who, realising his drink has been spiked, has lurched reeling out of the nightclub and just about made it back to the sanctuary of his spinning bed before the furies take flight. Something’s gonna blow/inside my head,’ he sings like a Brum-beat Travis Bickle as the walls contract and expand around him.

Rob Chapman is a connoisseur’s connoisseur of popsike and his Psychedelia and Other Colours (Faber 2015) is a beautifully detailed tour of the high-sixties’ mainstreams and subterranean channels of lysergic emanations. You’ll need a full set of Phil Smee and Brian Hogg curated compilation albums if you want to get the most from this unrivalled sonic archaeology of that short moment between the maraca shakers of mod R&B and Bach infused prog rock, but that ain’t no hardship.